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Here at Premier Patio Concepts, we recognize that finding a dependable company for your project, one that is consistent in performance and quality, is absolutely necessary for a smooth and successful experience. This is why we make it our aim to never compromise the quality of our work and to provide our clients with superior customer service. Our reputation of excellence and professionalism has set us apart as the preferred company among the community and the outdoor living industry. Our dedicated team takes great pride in their work and the relationships with the clients they serve. Maintaining a high level of professionalism and customer support continues to be Premier Patio's driving force and the number one reason for our growth and continued success. Premier Patio Concepts is proud to offer the most innovative outdoor solutions as the StruXure Outdoor representative for North Carolina


 For consecutive years, Premier Patio Concepts has received recognition for its creative designs and installation methods, which has been made possible by the commitment and hard work of our dedicated team. We are truly grateful to have such an outstanding group of people to work with. 









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